Made of stainless steel andavailable for closed and open tray in short and long sizes.
Non- engaging Impression Transfer:transfer with a flat platform forimpression- taking from non-parallel implants. Clip impression transfer with no affixingscrew.Suitable for closed tray method withhigher precision.

Catalog #DescriptionMaterialLD
DTR-0007Implant transfer 3.75 platform L 7.5 mmStainless steel7.54.5
DTR-0011Implant transfer 3.75 platform L 11.5 mmStainless steel11.54.5
DTR-C009Implant Clip transfer 3.75 platform L 9 mmStainless steel94.5
DTR-C013Implant Clip transfer 3.75 platform L 13 mmStainless steel134.5
DTR-S007Implant transfer 3.75 platform Slim L 7.5 mmStainless steel7.53.75
DTR-S011Implant transfer 3.75 platform Slim L 11.5 mmStainless steel11.53.75
DTR-SC07Transfer Screw for open Tray 10mmTi Grade 5102.2
DTR-SC11Transfer Screw for open Tray 11.5mmTi Grade 511.52.2
DTR-SC16Transfer Screw for open Tray 16mmTi Grade 5162.2
DTR-0015Implant transfer 3.75 platform open TrayStainless steel11.54.5
Catalog #DescriptionMaterialLD
TMC-0910Titanum body1mm Aesthetic sholderTi Grade 5_4.6
TMC-0920Titanum body 2mm Aesthetic sholderTi Grade 5_4.6
TMC-0930Titanum body3mm Aesthetic sholderTi Grade 5_4.6
TMC-0940Titanum body 4mm Aesthetic sholderTi Grade 5_4.6
TMC-0950Titanum body 5mm Aesthetic sholderTi Grade 5_4.6
TMP-0008low level plastic capDelrin_4.6
TMP-0010high level plastic capDelrin_4.6
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