Designing a successful restoration system requires a great deal of knowledge about biology and mechanics, but also the awareness of how the two interact.
In the development of DENTIN implant series and our restoration system we acknowledge the value of Harmony. The wide range of DENTIN implants provide a variety of clinical solutions, including reconstruction of a single tooth, screw-retained or cemented fixed bridges, and overdentures.
Our Dental Implants in a wide range of sizes.

The Dental Implants are produced in wide range diameters 2.4- 6 mm and in of lengths of 6- 16mm
All the Implants and all the abutments are produced from special Titanium alloy TI 6AL 4V.

The Dental Implants are self- tapping with threads designed to provide secure primary fixation and favorable distribution of the loading forces.

The DENTIN Implant System restoration system, is manufactured from titanium alloys with Internal hex.
DENTIN is convinced that future success in the implant market is closely related to the company’s own research and development efforts. For this reason we attach great importance to our in-house develop ments and scientifically proven products.
Our R & D staff continuously work on new solutions for our modern implantology systems with leading university’s in Israel, accessories and instruments. They are constantly advancing DENTIN products on the basis of current findings in science and technology.

Our R & D staff also pay particular attention to easy handling of our products, the use of biocompatible materials for their production, achieving excellence in manufacturing, and ensuring product quality control in the interest of patient and user safety.

Rapid Implants
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