dentin-factoryDENTIN Implants is an established dental implants manufacturer and dental implant supplier of internationally recognized integrated systems and products for oral implantology and restorative dentistry. We are dedicated tousing bio compatible materials, achieving excellent manufacturing quality, and consistent quality control of our products for the safety of patients, dentists, and dental technicians. A important feature of DENTIN products is their ease of handling and satisfaction of the most stringent esthetic demands.

The quality and safety standards of DENTIN products are always in full compliance with the latest scientific research and with all international standards.

The DENTIN system, characterized by a minimum number of system components and easy and efficient handling properties, is based on 25 years of implant dentistry experience developed, the DENTIN Implant System has been optimized to overcome the deficiencies in the handling properties as well as the functional and esthetic limitations of conventional systems currently offered on the market. The DENTIN Implant System thus makes new and innovative therapeutic concepts a real possibility.

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Dentin Simple Treatment for Better results.

Dentin products and Simple concepts are designed to give your patients Fast, Safe & Very Simple Procedure.

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Research and Development Efforts

DENTIN Implants is convinced that future success in the Dental implants market will be closely connected with the company’s own research and development efforts. This is why we attach great importance to developing all our own scientifically-proven products. With a new production facility, DENTIN has created the basis for future worldwide growth. We have qualified employees and an ultra-modern infrastructure that guarantee that our success story will continue as the years unfold.
Our production facilities, are among the most modern of their kind in the world. Even at the planning stage, we placed the greatest emphasis on building a production operation that not only meets all the requirements of the Medical Devices Law, but also conforms to international criteria especially the stringent American regulations. High-tech manufacturing processes and constant quality assurance guarantee a consistently high level of quality.

Environmental Responsibility

At DENTIN, environmental responsibility in everything we do is more than lip service. The production plant was built in compliance with all current standards of environmental protection. Exhaust air from production, for instance, is not simply released outside, but used for heat generation.
DENTIN manufacturing is subject to regulation of its quality assurance system under the EN/ISO 13485 standard at every stage of its operations. This standard specifies in detail all the criteria that must be met by the extensive quality assurance scheme relating to the company’s operations in order to be recognized.

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