OnePiece Implants

DENTIN One Piece Implants Series Each of these unique One Piece dental implants is specifically engineered for narrow ridges and tight spaces. The insertion of the One Piece implant is a quick and simple single stage procedure.

Prestige Implants

DENTIN Prestige Implants Series The DENTIN Prestige implant performs well for all indications, including soft and hard bone, single and double-stage surgical protocols, flapless and flapped procedures, and immediate and delayed loading procedures.

Rapid Implants

DENTIN Classic Implants Series The DENTIN self-tapping Rapid implants are especially designed for implantation in a wide range of bone types and bone augmentation procedures. Their new geometric design includes dual threads, two spiral channels stemming from the apex, micro rings on the implant neck and a changing thread thickness along the implant.

Classic Implants

DENTIN Classic Implants Series DENTIN Classic Implants are Titanium parallel type Implants, with an internal hexagon connection. They are designed for both single-stage or double-stage procedures. The Classic implant has a unique wide-thread design as well as tapered threads at the apical part.

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