Ball Attachment

Ball attachment

Snap structure connected by a click to the removable denture.
The abutment is available in different heights – 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6mm – selected according to the height of gums.
The snap abutment is designed with a titanuim cap and silicon intermediate cap. Silicon cap is available in three hardness levels, 1-3 from the hardest to the softest. This snap abutment is designed for accurate joints on overdenture implants.

DBA-0005Ball Attachment 0.5 mmTi Grade 50.53.75
DBA-0010Ball Attachment 1 mmTi Grade 513.75
DBA-0020Ball Attachment 2 mmTi Grade 523.75
DBA-0030Ball Attachment 3 mmTi Grade 533.75
DBA-0040Ball Attachment 4 mmTi Grade 543.75
DBA-0050Ball Attachment 5 mmTi Grade 553.75
DBA-0060Ball Attachment 6 mmTi Grade 563.75
SCO-6011Metal CapTi Grade 53.25
SCO-6001Silicone Cap ClearSilicone2.84.4
SCO-6002Silicone Cap SoftSilicone2.84.4
SCO-6003Silicone Cap Extra SoftSilicone2.84.4