Plastic Sleeve

Made of Delrin and available in few variety. Plastic structure for casting with no internal threading. Available with or without a hex.
The sleeve with the hexagon is meant to build structure on single implant or to set a crown or bridge that fits on to the abutment.
The sleeve without the hexagon is designated for multi-implant tasks.

DLP-H060Plastic structure for casting With HexDelrin113.8
DLP-0070Plastic structure for casting Without HexDelrin113.8
DLP-H040Titanium Castable Abutments (UCLA) With HexDelrin+Ti113.8
DLP-0050Titanium Castable Abutments (UCLA) Without HexDelrin+Ti113.8
DLP-HW40Titanium Castable Abutments (UCLA) With Hex WideDelrin+Ti114.5
DLP-0W50Titanium Castable Abutments (UCLA) Without Hex WideDelrin+Ti114.5
DPL-H010Direct Plastic abutment-HexDelrin113.8
DPL-0010Plastic abutment-Non HexDelrin113.8
DPL-HW10Wide Plastic abutment-HexDelrin114.5
DPL-0W10Wide Plastic abutment-Non HexDelrin114.5
DSC-0040Screw for Castable Abutments 3mmTi Grade 5--
DSC-0050Screw for Castable Abutments 6mmTi Grade 5--
DSC-0020Screw for AbutmentTi Grade 5--
DSC-0030Screw for Angulated AbutmentTi Grade 5--
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