Dental implant is one of the most popular dental care approaches nowadays for people who find hard to complete the set of their teeth. It is a root device used by periodontists that replace missing tooth due to such factors like tooth decay and accidents. It is made up of titanium for better standing and quality and is being placed in the jaw to hold the missing tooth in place. This is being performed by placing an incision in the gums then followed by inserting the dental implant on it. Once the artificial tooth was implanted already, the dentist will sew the gums to ensure that the artificial tooth is stably planted in the gums for better quality of the dental implant. This procedure requires long healing time to enable the bones and gums to heal and be part of the artificial tooth. The healing time duration of the gums and bones to heal takes for about few months as the implant needs to become sturdier enough to hold the artificial tooth. Implants are ideally good for individuals who have good general set of teeth and have adequate oral health. Loss of tooth is definitely uncontrollable especially for adults who encounter incidents that trigger them to have this kind of issue.

Dental Implants vs Bridges

Benefits of dental implants compared to bridges

Implants are permanent once planted in gums compared to bridges and dentures. Although bridges are for permanent purposes as well, this dental care approach relies upon the stability and surrounding of teeth in order for it to become substantial as well. Due to this case, most people and dentists find dental implants as the best artificial tooth to carry on. Since dental implants are placed in the roots of missing tooth, you can assure of having more substantial teeth like before compared to bridges. We cannot deny the fact that once we encounter such loss of teeth, it is our common nature to fill the gap immediately as it can lessen the self-confidence we feel. If you are still under deciding on which of them is the best to patronize, you can consider understanding these benefits of implants compared to bridges for better choice:

  • Dental Implants promote better oral health. Based on the experiences of people who undergo dental care examination and surgery, they find dental bridges not so good in terms of filling up their loss tooth because it has the potential to lower down their oral health. One of the advantages of dental implant is that there are no adjacent teeth involved just to hold down the missing tooth. Since bridges require side forces of natural teeth, it is uncomfortable for some people. Implants are more convenient to use over the teeth and the quality of your oral health will never be compromised.
  • Implants can promote better bone health structure. Implants are for placing and fulfilling any loss of tooth like in areas where there are no teeth. When you chew and there is an implant in your teeth, you will feel the direct pressure of the artificial tooth and its stimulation in your jaw bone. However, you don’t have to be worried about it because implants do not affect the structure of your bone because it is just like your natural teeth; instead, it help you to have better bone structure to hold up the area where tooth was lost. Bridges are not yet proven to promote good bone structure as this form of dental care requires a lot of time for it to adapt with the kind of jaw bone you have which is definitely inconvenient and uncomfortable.
  • Dental Implants are durable and long lasting. Implants are durable compared to bridges in terms of its connection with gums and bone. Moreover, it has the capacity to last for lifetime compared to bridges who have a life expectancy of just 10 years.