Fast, Safe & Very Simple

Minimum Number of System Components

The DENTIN Dental Implants system, characterized by a minimum number of system components and easy and efficient handling properties, is based on 25 years of implant dentistry experience developed.o.

Simple and Easy to Use

DENTIN Implant System has been optimized to overcome the deficiencies in the handling properties as well as the functional and esthetic limitations of conventional systems currently offered on the market.
We design the system to be simple and easy to use. The implantation process should be fast, and with solution to every situation that will come out.
The DENTIN Dental Implant System makes new and innovative therapeutic concepts a real possibility..

We set new standards

The DENTIN Implant System sets new standards in implant dentistry with respect to stability and handling. The core element of the system ensures an accurate, mechanically secure implant-to-abutment connection with anti-rotational stability. The system consists of a minimum of components and is clearly organized, easily manageable, and very user-friendly for clinicians, dental technicians and assistants.

Short treatment time – long lifetime

The DENTIN Implant System stands out for its extremely easy handling properties. Drills with depth stops, color coding, well-devised instruments, and the unique implant-to-abutment connection permit efficient work without any compromises in quality. The result is a minimum of treatment time for both user and patient, with a long implant lifetime.

Well thought out to the smallest detail

The DENTIN Implant System has been designed for all requirements. Especially as far as esthetics is concerned, excellent results can be achieved thanks to the system components. The implants may be left to heal either subgingivally or transgingivally. The specially shaped healing caps allow optimum soft-tissue management. Our abutments enable tooth-for-tooth replacements. Passive-fit components guarantee tension-free bar constructions.

Professionals rely on DENTIN

Many of DENTIN implant restorations have been documented by renowned university hospitals in various countries that have used the DENTIN Implants System. These partners support the further development and advancement of the successful DENTIN Implants System.