Anatomic Abutment

anatomic abutment

It is anatomic Anti-rotation Abutment follows the shape of the gum line.
Anatomic abutment is available in Switch Platform (3.75 mm) and in heights of 1,2,3,4mm. The lower side is located in the buccalpart, ideal for aesthetic solutions.

Anatomic abutments
SAT-9001Anatomic Titanium Abutment 1mmTi Grade 514.5
SAT-9002Anatomic Titanium Abutment 2 mmTi Grade 524.5
SAT-9003Anatomic Titanium Abutment 3 mmTi Grade 534.5
SAT-9004Anatomic Titanium Abutment 4 mmTi Grade 544.5
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